Thursday, November 5, 2009

Final Project Treatment

The Ugly One Loves The Rad Dude

The Ugly One is a dorky girl with frizzy hair and braces. She has a crush on The Rad Dude. The Rad Dude has shiny styled hair and always wears sunglasses.

In the hall at school The Ugly One walks over to The Rad Dude and tells him she loves him. He tells her she’s ugly. The Ugly One starts sobbing loudly. Queeny walks over to the ugly one and tells her she needs a makeover. Queeny is a popular hot girl who wears lots of make up and short skirts. Queeny says she will help The Ugly One because she’s so popular.

Queeny takes The Ugly One to the mall and tells her to walk a little bit behind her so people won’t think they are there together. The two girls go into the popular store called ‘Hot People’. Everywhere in the store are signs that read ‘Let’s Get Hot!’ The Ugly One tries on an outfit, but Queeny says she’s still ugly. After a few outfits Queeny finally decides The Ugly One looks hot in a leather mini skirt, high heels and a mesh tank top. The outfit looks exactly like the one Queeny is wearing.

Queeny does The Ugly One’s hair and make up, but says she still looks ugly, so she draws a pretty face on a paper bag and puts it over The Ugly One’s head.

Queeny takes The Ugly One to a party. The Rad Dude is at the party drinking beer. The Ugly One walks over to him and says ‘I love you and now I’m hot.’ The Rad Dude says he’s drunk and that they should make out. The Rad Dude kisses and licks the part of the paper bag where the lips are.


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